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Becoming a Transformational Church


What does it mean to be a transformational church?  What are the key indicators?  How does it effect my leadership and how do I lead transformation?

Click the link below to watch the video of my recent presentation at the Catalyst Conference in Chicago and discover the “Leadership Triangle.”  I hope it will encourage and challenge you as well as provide the catalyst for your own transformational leadership.

Once you’ve had the opportunity to watch the video, I’d love to hear your comments and hear your stories of transformation.  So, please be sure to return to the blog and post a comment.

CATALYST: One Church. Many Congregations


2 Responses to “Becoming a Transformational Church”

  1. I have a question about code – do you create it (values) or do you discover it? We are a new church and it seems that both happen at the same time.

    • Initially, code is created. But it is rarely intentionally created. Most often, it is created by the unspoken norms and values that come from the leader — rather than the stated values. Over time, new leaders will come into a church and must discover the code that already exists.

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