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“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 4 of 7


A new heart

We prayed. We talked to other Christian leaders. We made pilgrimages to churches that were creating empowered disciples. Most of them were emergent or missional churches, but others were mainline churches, like St. Thomas Church in Sheffield, England, an Anglican church with charismatic leanings. At St. Tom’s, we saw God move in apostolic ways—the blind were healed, the lame walked, and people worshiped with their whole hearts. There was fire and passion—it wasn’t a performance—none of this appeared to be for the benefit of the audience.

I noticed the same thing at Rock Harbor in Newport Beach, California. People weren’t spectators; they were fully engaged in worship. Some were clapping and raising their hands; others were on their faces before God. It reminded me of King David dancing before the Lord, worshiping God with every part of his being.

I witnessed raw, unscripted, genuine movements of God. Their worship wasn’t something that began at 8:30 and ended by 9:30. It wasn’t a way to attract people to the church. Their worship was inspired—God-breathed—it inhaled God’s presence and exhaled His will. These people weren’t attending a show; they were crying out to God, seeking him wholeheartedly, and left their gathering to involve themselves in community transformation.


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