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New Thinking about “Seekers”

January 31, 2009

I spoke at a conference in Phoenix this past week.  About 150 pastors and church leaders gathered for a “Missional Leadership Academy”.  I received this question after the conference and thought I’d share my response.  But I’d love to know how you would respond to this question as well.  (I’ve edited out information that should probably […]

Navigating Change: Part 1

January 30, 2009

“What is going to keep us from being successful with this strategic plan?’ The question was simple enough, but captured the fear and concern of many people in the room… It was the end of a long day, the group of church leaders- a combination of staff, elders, deacons and lay leadership had worked incredibly […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 7 of 7

January 19, 2009

A new scorecard A new model meant we had to redefine what a “win” looks like. If we continued to use the same measuring stick for success, we were utter failures, especially since our attendance and the quality of our worship service sharply declined. Honestly, those things still matter to some extent, but they aren’t […]

Where Have All the Leaders Gone: Developing the Board Profile

January 19, 2009

As Paul asked the question, he glanced out the window.  The sun had long since set and the streets had grown quiet.  The clock moved awfully slowly: 11:14…11:15…11:16….   “I know,” said Joan, “why don’t we ask Jim to serve?  I think he owns the dry cleaner’s shop around the corner.  We could always use […]

Worship Leadership: 5 Stages – stage 2

January 12, 2009

Putting together a band is not as easy as it sounds, but we tackle the task with vigor.  Actually, we get excited about the possibilities.  We can envision a full band just like we see at some of the larger churches and conferences we attend.  We have no illusions of finding the level of talent […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 6 of 7

January 12, 2009

Pruning and bearing fruit This wasn’t incremental change. It was immediate. We released all the paid performers and began to use volunteers with a heart for God to lead worship. We no longer asked musicians to dazzle us; we wanted worshipers to lead us. But pruning is painful. The crowds, who were expecting a show, […]

Worship Leadership: 5 Stages – stage 1

January 7, 2009

This will be a 5 part series on the stages of worship leadership…emphasis on leadership.  Each stage represents a distinct level of knowledge, philosophy, attitude and service. Each stage is manifest in distinct ways and with measurable results.  At the end of the series, you will be invited to take a self assessment survey that […]

Small Church. Big Challenges

January 6, 2009

Last night I was working on my notes and power point presentation for the February Church Solutions Conference in Phoenix. I had been asked to do a workshop specifically for small churches. I was honored to do so, but then realized that the challenge was bigger than I first thought. While most of the churches […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 5 of 7

January 5, 2009

No more church as usual That’s when I came back to Joy and felt sick to my stomach. The contrast between Joy and the transformational churches we visited on sabbatical was stark. We were entertaining people as a substitute for leading them into the presence of God. I fell on my face before God and […]