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Multi-Churching: The New Reality? Part 1 of 3

John HolmWhen I was growing up there was great loyalty to the local church.  You belonged to one religious tribe at a time and that didn’t change very often.  If you were an active member of a congregation you would do everything at that church, except for the occasional ecumenical gathering or youth event.  Loyalty to the local church was the reality of the day.  But a new reality seems to be emerging.  As Seth Godin has pointed out, people are actively members of many different tribes.  A clear example is the family that lives across the street from me.  The household is a typical Christian American family:  Husband and wife and three children.  The interesting reality is that they are Multi-Churching:


1.    The family worships at church “A”

2.    The youngest child attends a Christian pre-school at church “B”

3.    The two older children attend Awanas at church “C”

4.    The husband and wife are members of a small group through church “D”


Even my own adult daughter (a pastor’s kid) is Multi-Churching.  She attends seminary in one denomination, worships in multiple venues/traditions, went on a weekend retreat in another church, and serves through multiple church and para-church organizations. 


Is this a new trend or something that I am just now noticing?  There are many questions related to this possible new reality.  What are the implications for those who are Multi-Churching?  What are the implications for churches and para-church organizations? We will explore these questions in parts 2 and 3 of Multi-Churching:  The New Reality?


One Response to “Multi-Churching: The New Reality? Part 1 of 3”

  1. This is interesting. I notice the same thing in my line of work and not only do I see it across different protestant denominations but also Catholic Protestant line seems to be little barrier as well. Even within the Scouting community, families will belong to a church that has a Scouting program but for some reason or another they belong to a Boy Scout Troop, Cub Scout Pack, or Venturing Crew at another Church in their town. I even know one young man who’s family belongs to a Catholic Church in one town and he is a member of that Church’s Boy Scout Troop but he joined the Youth Ministry Venturing Crew in a Lutheran Church in a town about 20 miles from home rather than getting involved in the Youth Group at his own Church.

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