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Tough Economic Times

Trevor Bron

Trevor Bron

During some challenging economic times Malachi 3:10 seems very appropriate. So why are we not experiencing it?

Last Friday the Transforming Church Team of TAG had a 2 hour conference call to discuss the impact of the economy on churches. It was the third or fourth such call that we’ve had in as many months. We know that churches are hurting and we want to do our best to be able to guide and encourage pastors and leaders in these uncertain times.

Our call was hosted by one of our TAG Associates, Ron Mattocks. Ron is gifted financial planner who works with non-profit organizations. ( While there were numerous take-aways from the call I wanted to share a few of them and get some further insight from you.

1. Giving to churches is down only 5-6%. Other segments in the non-profit world are experiencing much higher drops in giving.
2. People who regularly give to churches will continue to do so, regardless of the economic situation- with one exception… if they lose their job, they cease giving to the church.
3. Giving is up among churches that have a clear sense of focus and direction.

Our own internal research here at TAG shows that among churches we have worked with: 35% had an increase in giving; 65% had an increase in small group attendance; 79% had an enhanced sense of community; 82.5% had an increased partnership between clergy and laity; 77.7% experienced an increase in outreach in their local community. 85.1% started new ministries or satellites.

We could use your insight. What is your church experiencing right now?
1. Is your weekly giving down or up?
2. If it is up, what would you attribute that to? If it is down, how far down is it?
3. Have many people in your church have been laid off?
4. Is overall attendance up or down?
5. What are your members biggest concerns right now?


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