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Worship Leadership: 5 Stages – stage 3

If you are at stage 3, you have successfully navigated the painful realization of your talent limitations and the frustrations that come from misplaced expectations on a few friends.  Now you are engaged in building a team.  The first step is to understand you are coordinating multiple parts…not just musically.  Personalities and capabilities will also need to be coordinated.  For a leader, this is exciting.  For a manager, this is a threatening, menacing chaos.images2

For our purposes, we’ll assume you choose to lead.  The butterflies in your gut were hatched from the cocoon of unanswered questions, but the chrysalis somehow excites you about the possibilities of the future transformation.  You choose to focus your energies on this promise.

You quickly conclude that you’ll have to communicate a few values to the team and rules for the road.  These will include being prepared for rehearsal, be a teacher and learner, honor times, be creative, worship first, etc.  These will be unique to your ministry and will provide a helpful framework as you build.

How have you navigated this transformation?

What values and rules have been helpful for your ministry?

If you have reached this level, you have discovered the tricky little truth that begins to develop.  This truth is really the part of this transition that makes it such a milestone in ministry.  Anyone want to venture a guess?  I’ll give you a hint: systems.

The next post will cover the systems born out of this process and the disciplines required to move to the next stage…Systematic Teambuilder.


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