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Collaboration: Is It Worth the Effort? Part 2 of 3



Moving from being a benevolent dictator to a transformational collaborative leader . . . what does it look like?

John Holm

John Holm

A Benevolent Dictator is responsible for: 

1.     Vision

2.    Strategy

3.    Decision making


Thus, a local church rises or falls on the success of the leader in having the right vision, strategy and making the right decisions.  Not only does the local church rise and fall but so does the pastor who will be hailed as a genius or a total failure.

 A Transformational Collaborative Leader is responsible for:

1.     Framing the issues

2.    Gathering the various constituents around the issues the church is facing

3.    Facilitating transformational decision making processes which invite leaders to work together to formulate transformational vision, strategy and ministry plans.

 Thus, a local church rises or falls on the various leadership/constituency teams gathered around the issues.  Everyone is guided and empowered through this leadership, including the pastor.  This follows the biblical model of the church being the body of Christ with Christ as the head.  We need collaboration with one another for the body to function as created.  All of this is a lot more work, but in the end it really serves the mission of the local congregation very well.

 What are your insights into collaborative leadership and the benefits of this investment in leadership?


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