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Collaboration: Is it Worth the Effort? Part 3 of 3



John Holm

John Holm

The benevolent dictator pastor often has the best of intentions and sometimes a wonderful vision for the local congregation, yet in our present culture this style of leadership often fails to build a community of leaders in mission and ministry.  People often respond to a high control problem-solver by checking out and not participating.  They do not feel valued and they simply disengage. 


 Too often we think that if we can’t control then we fail in our responsibilities to lead.  The alternative to being a benevolent dictator is not giving up leadership but it is leading in and through collaboration.  The Apostle Paul addressed his letters to his “brothers” in Christ, placing himself as a co-laborer with Christ along with all the followers.  He spoke of the necessity of seeing leadership through the systemic understanding of the “body of Christ” with everyone contributing to the success of the mission.  When we move from control to collaboration we do not abdicate leadership we take it on with more respect and more hope as we work together in mission.

 Collaborative leadership is

1.    Moving from authority to shared leadership

2.    Moving from having the right answers to asking the right questions

3.    Moving from having power over others to empowering others

4.    Moving from anxiety to get it right to freedom to explore with others

5.    Moving from “How can I be successful?” to How can WE be successful?”

 Through collaborative leadership the team will be more creative and more successful.  The individual members of the team will know that they are valued contributors to the mission.  People will feel like partners in ministry not workers doing someone else’s ministry for them. 

 Collaboration:  It Is Worth the Effort!  


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