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My New Book- Chapter One, Part Four

Chief Visionary Officer

Chief Visionary Officer

That was just the thing, Cousins soon realized.  People were going to have to do things that were the precise opposite of what they would normally be inclined to do.  Residents who trusted no one would have to trust strangers.  Individuals with cash who normally required a great return on investment and lots of guarantees would have to risk it all.  And political leaders skilled at minimizing risk, and playing the angles in their own favor would have to act selflessly.  So Tom Cousins began to paint a vision and woo a city.  In so doing, he created a masterpiece of leadership that is the guiding narrative of The Leadership Triangle.

Cousins was forced to operate at an extraordinarily high level in every mode that could face a leader.  He had to navigate very specific and complex tactical obstacles that required great expertise and skill.  He had to understand the external environment and formulate a strategy that would succeed in the fact of opposition and long odds. He had to create alignment among groups that saw themselves at times as in fundamental opposition to one another.

And, most challenging of all, he had to transform values, which involved the essential and often agonizing work of exposing the existing values of all the involved parties – values that were often in conflict.

Those are the things that truly transforming leaders do.  And, we will see, these are the things that you can do!

So, what was the vision Cousins painted as he sought to persuade across tables in corporate boardrooms, restaurants fancy and plain, mansions and the broken down homes of East Lake Meadows?
Stay tuned…


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