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My New Book – Chapter One, Part Six

Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford

In this book, I will share many stories that illustrate how Tom Cousins exemplified the principles of the Leadership Triangle. But, for now, let’s just capture a snapshot view of East Lake in 2009.

East Lake Meadows is now the Villages of East Lake, with 542 mixed income housing units. Half of the units are reserved for families who receive public assistance, and nearly all of those families have heads of household who are either working or receiving job training. The other half of the units are reserved for middle income families.

The broader East Lake Community includes the Charles R. Drew Charter School, Atlanta’s first charter school which has eight hundred students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. At Drew, 88% of the students meet or exceed state requirements for reading and 74% do so for math. 100% of Drew graduates are on track to graduate from Atlanta high schools.

There is Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family Center, providing care for kids from birth to kindergarten. There is a pristine East Lake Family YMCA and a well-stocked Publix grocery store.

Violent crime is down a staggering 95%. The percentage of residents on welfare has declined from 58% to 5%. The employment rate for those receiving public assistance has skyrocketed from 14%-71%.
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One Response to “My New Book – Chapter One, Part Six”

  1. The NY Times ran a very interesting article about the Atlanta Public Housing transition to a new model –

    Good follow up to your story. It will be exciting to see where it all leads and cities look to change their culture.

    I have been thinking about triangular leadership and realized that a church board I was part of dealt almost exclusively with “operational issues” and very little with “adaptive issues”. They were good people who worked in areas in their jobs which were operational so that is what they knew. It is hard to take a step back to see below the surface. I am praying and asking for wisdom to learn to do that more effectively.
    Looking forward to hearing more the book.

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