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My New Book – Chapter One, Part Seven

Chief Visionary Officer

Kevin Ford



Oh, and there is golf. There is an annual PGA TOUR event on the Rees Jones-redesigned East Lake Golf Club, but that is not the most important thing.

East Lake is also home to the First Tee of East Lake program, a rapidly expanding effort to leverage the beauty of the game of golf to mentor and shape at risk youngsters. Sponsored by the World Foundation of Golf, First Tee uses the lessons of golf to teach participants “life-affirming” values such as honesty, integrity, commitment, and excellence.

Those values are part of the reason Tom Cousins loves golf so much. He sees in the game a unique emphasis on personal accountability and moral character, traits that dovetail with his deep Christian faith and the way he has lived his life. In East Lake golf, the most “elite” of games, is helping at risk kids learn values and patterns of behavior which will help them navigate the world outside the boundaries of East Lake.

East Lake, remember, is where the world’s most important golfer – Bobby Jones – played his first and last round. It is a source of inspiration to Tom Cousins and to many others that East Lake today could be fostering other golfers who will play and live with excellence.
Almost finished with chapter one…


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