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Part 1: An Introduction to Church Management

January 5, 2010

For the past number of years I have been working with churches and coaching pastors, attempting to help them establish better management practices. What I found, over and over again, was the fact that ministers have been trained to be theologically competent, and be able to navigate the scriptures and craft understandable sermons. But when […]

The Family/Business/Community Conundrum

June 12, 2009

What generally makes church life and functioning so very confusing is the fact that, like no other organization in society, it encompasses the congregant’s expectations of family, business, and community. Each of these elements must be held in tension, and each must be understood clearly, or else confusion will ensue. As a family, the clergy […]

New Resources

March 26, 2009

We have just posted several new resources in our new resource gallery, so check out the link below. RESOURCE GALLERY   You’ll especially want to reserve your copy of ‘Millenium Matrix- the DVD’ scheduled for release on May 1st.  Author Rex Miller will provoke your thinking as you plan and lead your church into the future […]

Worship Leadership: 5 Stages – stage 3

March 21, 2009

If you are at stage 3, you have successfully navigated the painful realization of your talent limitations and the frustrations that come from misplaced expectations on a few friends.  Now you are engaged in building a team.  The first step is to understand you are coordinating multiple parts…not just musically.  Personalities and capabilities will also […]

Multi-Churching: The New Reality? Part 3 of 3

February 18, 2009

  In part 1 of Multi-Churching we explored the new reality that many people are not connected to just one church, but many.  They receive ministry and serve in ministries across multiple churches.  In part 2 we explored the positive and negative implications for the individuals and families who Multi-Church.  In part 3, we will […]

Transformational Change Sneaks Into the Exurbs

February 9, 2009

I was doing a pastor’s conference recently with a number of area ministers. I was presenting the difference between operational change (when the answer resides with the expert within the organization), and transformational change (that involves a shift in values and beliefs, translated into behavior change). I emphasized the fact that if you apply an […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 7 of 7

January 19, 2009

A new scorecard A new model meant we had to redefine what a “win” looks like. If we continued to use the same measuring stick for success, we were utter failures, especially since our attendance and the quality of our worship service sharply declined. Honestly, those things still matter to some extent, but they aren’t […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 6 of 7

January 12, 2009

Pruning and bearing fruit This wasn’t incremental change. It was immediate. We released all the paid performers and began to use volunteers with a heart for God to lead worship. We no longer asked musicians to dazzle us; we wanted worshipers to lead us. But pruning is painful. The crowds, who were expecting a show, […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 5 of 7

January 5, 2009

No more church as usual That’s when I came back to Joy and felt sick to my stomach. The contrast between Joy and the transformational churches we visited on sabbatical was stark. We were entertaining people as a substitute for leading them into the presence of God. I fell on my face before God and […]

“Showtime!” No More – by Walt Kallestad – part 4 of 7

December 29, 2008

A new heart We prayed. We talked to other Christian leaders. We made pilgrimages to churches that were creating empowered disciples. Most of them were emergent or missional churches, but others were mainline churches, like St. Thomas Church in Sheffield, England, an Anglican church with charismatic leanings. At St. Tom’s, we saw God move in […]